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Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Who are the Friends of Gideon (FoG)?

Friends of Gideons (FoG) is a way in which non-members can play a vital part in ministry of The Gideons International as Partners in Prayer and Partners in Giving. FoG will receive the latest testimonies of how lives were touched and transformed by reading a Gideon Bible, details of recent distributions and placements in Singapore and the region, requests for prayer for open doors in schools, colleges and churches, etc, via Newsletter and the Gideon Prayer Calendar. The Local Camps will share prayer requests with their Friends concerning distribution, pacements and witnessing efforts.


2. What is the difference between a Partner in Prayer and a Partner in Giving?

Partners in Prayer pledge to pray for the ministry, but make no initial financial commitment.

In addition to praying for The Gideons International, Partners in Giving support Gideons ministry by your financial giving.

3. How will the Gideon camp benefit from enrolling individuals as Friends of Gideon (FoG)?


The benefit from having Friends connected to the Local Camp is the prayer support provided by the Friends of Gideons (FoG) and the Scripture Fund contribution to help purchase more Bibles for distribution in Singapore and around the world


4. How can those who are members in the Friends of Gideon (FoG) program participate in the Gideon ministry?

  • Prayer — Local Camp will keep Friends informed of prayer requests.

  • The Local Camp will invite the FoG to important events like the Annual Pastors Event, and International Day of Prayer.

5. Who can become a Friend of Gideons (FoG)?


The only criteria to become a FoG (Friends of Gideons) is that they must be Christian men and women who love the Lord and have a passion for the lost. Unlike the Gideons International membership in which Gideons are required to be Christian businessmen or a professionals who are members of a churches in good standing, there are no such qualifications to become a FoG.


FoG is primarily designed to enable those who otherwise are not able to become members of the Gideons International, to enrol as FoG (Friends of Gideons) and be involved in this amazing ministry.

6. What do members of the Friends of Gideons program receive regularly??

They receive three items:

  • Friends NewsLetter at periodic intervals — sharing current testimonies and latest results of Scripture distributions.

  • Gideon Prayer Calendar — the same one used by Gideons and Auxiliaries.

  • Invitation to Events — Gideons will invite Friends to their Camp’s Annual Pastors Event and Faith Fund Rallies. In Singapore (at this time) Friends may not participate in Scripture distributions and placements.

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